The Rise Of The Automated Trading Robots In Today’s World

It is not right to say, “Gone are the days where people used to trade manually”. However, it is not equally right to say, “Automation is the new trading rule”. It is still a surprise and a deep mystery as to when automated trading started affecting so many of our lives. However, there are still people who are hesitant to give the automated trading a shot because of different reasons, namely:

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. No experience in manual or automated trading
  3. No official person or expert guide to give training or provide knowledge
  4. Fear to take risks, especially in the hands of an automated program
  5. Unsure about the performance

If anyone or more of the above options have crossed your mind ever, then you should first be aware of the known true story behind the uprising of automated trading robots and how it is affecting people’s lives.

What should you know about the rise of automated trading robots?

  • Introduction of computers in the field of trading began as early as the 1970’s. However, it was not until 2014 that automated trading systems have been introduced to a wide scale of people across the globe.
  • It is a known fact that humans can never outperform robots. Ever since man has realized this, automated trading has been gaining momentum in the stock markets.
  • An additional contributor to speed up the widespread usability of automated trading systems is the concept of backtesting that developers have recently added to their job specification. Backtesting has strengthened automated trading algorithms and has given out excellent positive results.

Automated trading robots have created a positive impact in many lives, as these have:

  1. Encouraged even amateur traders to place trades on the automated platform
  2. Provided returns that are double or more the initial investment
  3. Allowed traders to trade with multiple assets, thus distributing the risk of trading evenly and minimizing losses

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