In the year 2009 when Bitcoin first appeared in the market itself it became a big hit, it conquered all the limits of transactions. After 8 years there was the introduction of one more type of platform which dominated the world of digital currency that was ethereum. Ethereum was developed on the potentials offered by Bitcoin and the ethereum is completely revolutionizing the transactions that involve Finance. Ethereum is a type of platform which is an open source. Its aim is to give facilities for developing applications that are decentralized that is going to be available for the future generation. This concept was introduced in the year 2013 by a person who was performing research on the community that involved Bitcoin.

Since when Buterin first launched the idea of ethereum it has increased in scale as well as interest. Now it is assured to overtake the world of open source development. The potential provided by the Bitcoin that gave opportunities for ledgers that could be shared is the same thing that ethereum is planning to expand on. The maker Buterin says that it has a lot of similar features provided by Bitcoin like peer-to-peer networks and blockchains. These systems will help in generating a platform for computing that will be a shared one. This will provide a platform that will be a flexible as well as secure so that any apps can be run on it.

Many developers who have planned to develop systems that include the technology of blockchain since Bitcoin has come into existence but unfortunately, because of the limited features offered by Bitcoin, it failed to enter the world of technology and services provided in finance. See this

The intention of ethereum was to overcome these limitations and it was going to do so by developing programming language of its own and using this language to create protocols for blockchains. This function would allow writing of any type of application on top of it. The structure of ethereum would support all the applications that already existed and which are going to be developed in future as well as make itself available to the instant development in the world of innovation which will give a constant environment.

Even though Bitcoin was the reason that ethereum was born, in the past couple of years, it has overshadowed its forerunners with respect to promises involved for future. Another fact that separates ethereum from Bitcoin is that ethereum is receiving support from several communities as well as Tech community continuously.