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We’ve petitioned. We’ve met with our administrators. We’ve demonstrated our power through rallies and marches. Last spring we experienced a wave of actions in divestment campaigns across the country — from sit-ins to teach-ins, from blockades to breakfast actions — in which students asked their administrators and the public: whose side are you on? Our actions forced people to make a choice: to side with the perpetrators of the climate crisis and injustice, or with the students, faculty, and alumni they claim to support.

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This spring, we are taking our campaigns, and our movement, to the next level by calling out the conflicts of interest that are present on our school’s Boards. Just as the fossil fuel industry has held back meaningful climate action at the highest levels of our government, personal ties to the fossil fuel industry are holding back our colleges and universities from taking the powerful action needed for us to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. That’s why, this April, students from across the country will be taking action to demand that institutions of higher learning stand on the right side of history and choose our futures over their ties to this destructive and outdated industry. We are drawing a line in the sand and demanding that administrators lead with us by standing against the fossil fuel interests that have clouded their judgment for so long, and with the students and communities bearing the brunt of the climate crisis.

We are proving that Youth > Fossil Fuels. Lead with us. Invest in the fossil fuel divestment movement.

#WhoseSide #LeadWithUs

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