Seeing is definitely believing folks!

So, I came to know about online trading in college when folks in my college started to trade and it caught my fancy. I wanted to be able to support myself because even though I was part-timing at a departmental store but I was not able to make ends meet. The rent itself was taking off a chunk of my earnings and I was at a loss as to how I was going to manage the rest of the month because, by the time I was in the third week itself, I was bankrupt.

Increasing rate of inflation:

The high price of living and mainly food that is bought from outside made sure that savings in the bank account were always at zilch! And if that was not enough, the student loan that I had acquired had to be paid up starting in six months. All this was undoubtedly putting a lot of pressure on me.

Why I chose online trading:

Even though a lot of my chums were into this kind of trading, I did not jump into it impulsively. I was a person belonging to a family of limited means and I knew that one impulsive decision on my part could send my family reeling into more debts. This I wanted to avoid at all costs. If I was not able to relieve them from misery at least I thought that I must not push them beyond recovery.

  1. Markets were awake 24/7/365:


This was one of the main reasons why I opted for trading. While maintaining my part-time job and attending university were my prerogatives, I made sure that I spent at least two hours every day on trading before I called it a day. Initially, I would feel very tired but slowly I started enjoying the trading time and it no longer felt like a chore!


  1. The initial investment was peanuts:


Unlike bank deposits and bonds, this one only required a minimum initial deposit of $250 and I was set. I found this so cheap!


  1. There was not one or two but a world of options:


The trading platforms were so many that it was difficult to choose which one was the right one for me and I must admit that because I had no prior knowledge of trading I did fall prey to fraudsters not one or two times but quite many times before I realized that the current platform that I am trading in is the one for me.


It is called the Crypto Code and it is not pretentious at all. It does not make false promises but rather walks the talk. You can learn more about them by visiting their website or continue reading here in the link. You could also email me in case you have any practical questions to be answered. I will be more than glad to help!