Can you become an investor when you have no time?

Can you become an investor when you have no time?

This is one of the biggest doubts that most people have. Because even those that have spare capital to allow for investing hardly find the time to become an investor. But the truth is that you can indeed become an investor, a good one, even when you do not have time. All you need is the right investment choices and the right support. One thing we all know for sure that tomorrow we would be busier than we are today. And just because we are busy the expenses are not going to come down. With the expenses growing and the income nearly saturating a good investment plan is essential even when you have no time for it. So here are some tips for those who are looking to start their investment journey with a little money but no time at hand.

Passive investing is a reality

Passive investing is something that almost all investors do at some point. These passive investment options might not result in huge profits within a short duration. But when you think long-term this is definitely going to fetch results that are on par with those reaped by the experienced investors.

Managed funds might help

There are many options when it comes to managed funds. These are the types of investments where all you have to do is to deposit the capital and allow a fund manager to do your investments. It is true that this one does attract higher rates of interests than most investments but the tax benefits, and the long-term profits would tally for the expenses made.

Don’t be skeptical about the bots

Robo-advisors have gained a lot of traction in the recent times. There are many fully automated systems and there are a few hybrid systems as well. A fully automated system is where a bot analyses the available funds and takes inputs about the financial goals and preferences. Based on these inputs the best investment plans are drafted and the portfolio is built. In the case of hybrid platforms, there would be bots used in some parts of the process and the investor would also be able to get in touch with human advisors whenever required. This is a combination that many feel very confident to work with. In both the processes all the investor does is to complete the documentation process to create an account and then make a deposit. So without having to spend time or efforts that investor can walk away with the profits.


Behavioral finance – an overview

Behavioral finance – an overview

There are many factors that influence the way an asset performance and the way the market progresses. And there are other factors that influence the decision that every investor or trader makes. With trading and other types of investments, there are several emotional decisions involved besides the ones that are arrived at based on logic and calculations. Understanding the investors’ behavior goes a long way in understanding the market movements.

Behavioral finance

This is a term that you must have often hear investors talk about. This is a theory that takes into account the fact that there are still humans behind every order placed in the market and these human investors are bound by emotions. Now there is an increasing usage of the bots to place orders as well as to take financial decisions. These trading bots would make behavioral finance an irrelevant topic. Behavioral finance is valid as long as there are human traders and investors.

Every little change that the market sees influences the emotions of the investors and when they decide based on their emotions the market further sees a few more changes and this cycle continues. The demand pattern can be understood by understanding behavioral finance.

Social trading is not new to us

Following someone else’s cues and taking decisions based on the social signals is not a new concept. There are some who even manipulate the market using this approach. But the crux of all this lies in the fact that people base their decisions not just on the logic and the technical and fundamental analysis but also on the basis of other investors’ decisions.

A combination of both would be a stronger approach

As the market gets more competitive and as the number of investors and traders keeps increasing a strong investment strategy is very important. Everyone wants to make profits. Unlike the other types of competitive scenarios in trading, when one makes profits the other doesn’t always have to end up in a loss. Those that make profits invest more and result in an increase in the demand further increasing the profits for the others as well. So clearly combining the results of behavioral finance as well as the technical analysis based conclusion would be a better way to invest. There are other contradicting theories like the efficient market hypothesis. But now more and more investors believe that the traditional approaches can be given a good upgrade by combining the understanding of psychological biases and the triggers of financial decisions.

Wanting To Run A Business? Know The Best options to raise funds

We would need money to start any business or company. The initial money infused into the business for its operation is called the capital. This need not necessarily be a larger amount. There are many ways for a businessman/company to raise funds to start a business. Knowing the most viable option to raise money depending on the market conditions reflects the efficiency of the entrepreneur/businessman. Many sectors offer a hand for funding the start-up companies if their business objective is sure to hit the market.

But, there are businesses for which you don’t require a huge amount of capital and can manage to fund easily. Businesses like cryptocurrency can be traded without infusing a huge amount of capital. And, this market is very powerful as you gain mind-blowing returns even though you initiate business with such a small amount.

Here are the ways for a businessman to raise funds for his business

1) Savings: If you have an intention to establish a business in future, start saving from now. Self-help is always the best help. Try to optimize your savings amount in the business so that you are left with debt-free emotion. Moreover, having a sufficient balance in your savings account would enable higher chances for loan approval if in case you need one. It is recommended that you initiate savings or deposit a fixed amount in bank well ahead if you have a goal to run your own business

2) Loan from inter-personal: If your savings are not sufficient enough to initiate the business, don’t hesitate to seek a loan from your family, members, friends or peers. They may be interested in your business and would be willing to contribute some capital to your business. Always give a chance and it is also beneficial to obtain a loan from the person you know as you avoid all the legal formalities that you experience while securing a loan from the bank.

3) Bank Loan: This is one of the most common ways of raising fund. Though it is cumbersome and involves a lot of complex processes, many businessmen raise fund using a bank loan. Describe in detail about your business plan, objective, goal and your business forecast to your loan manager. You must also insist on the methods and modalities that you have in plan for repayment of the loan along with the interest when obtained. Prepare yourself thoroughly to answer the questions raised by the loan manager and to the best possible extent try to give definite answers.

4) Initial Public Offer: Entrepreneur/businessman can make an offer to the general public to raise fund by purchasing the company’s shares. An investor who funds money and gets the shares in return becomes the member of such a company. An IPO is governed by strict rules and regulations. An Entrepreneur, aiming to raise a large fund for establishing the business in the market normally prefer this route. While making an IPO, your primary goal would be to attract maximum investors by explaining the business forecast, profit, turnover and most importantly the rate of dividend that an investor would receive upon purchasing the shares of the company.

Well! These are the most common and natural way that a businessman utilizes to fund his business.

Employing Cost Cutting Efficiently in Business

Whether you are new into business or well-established, at times of crisis, there are all possibilities of suffering a cash crunch, and every organization needs to be prepared to bare it in a better way, so as to not get lost in the crisis.

Here are a few ways to reduce your costs and manage the tough times better:

Keep employees cost minimal:

Well, though this is a known policy in many companies, how you do it matter the most. Rather than sacking the employees altogether, you can try re-organizing, from the beginning itself, so that there are not too many employees and at the same time the work is done on time.

Gather employees and check with their time preferences and schedule roasters accordingly. You can employ those morning birds in the early shifts and get the work done, and so to others as well. In case you have too many employees, then you really need to sack those underperforming to reduce your cost. If you are wise with business ideas, then you need to initially hire only people with multitasking ability and also talents, so that they can be helpful when in need, to swap the responsibilities and to work when in crisis.

Paying one employee a small percent for some time is always better than hiring one complete employ and pay him fulltime. Have some rewards for employees who multitask, who give their full time and who work that extra mile!! This will be smaller in comparison to the payment you make.

Keep safety policies in place:

Yes, always these small loopholes are the places where lots of money goes in vain. Without insurances, any injury at the workplace will take a toll on your financial health. medical costs, resources availability, cost to cover while the worker is at the hospital, time and person loss for the productivity of the company and finally some heavy fines imposed for no safety measures; is what you get!! So, to be on the safer side, always have some insurance covered for all of your employees, no matter what is their grade and role. Even the contract employees need some form of medical support, which will help you stay safer in the long run.

The process should be reviewed every half-yearly:

Have a check on the process of the company work, review and make changes whenever necessary. Check the efficiency of the teams and make any amendments if necessary. Reduce the overhead costs by giving work from home options to employees, and even reducing the prints.


Should you have a joint account with your spouse?

Should you have a joint account with your spouse?

It is a harsh reality of our existence that we cannot survive without money and this very money sometimes takes away our reason for living. Time has to be witness to strife within families over money matters where near and dear ones have separated for life. Each individual decides whether he or she wants to share her personal finances with her bloodline. But it is not that simple when it comes to marriage; the married couple is always confused if they must share their financial status with their better halves. There is no single rule in this matter, it is a personal choice and each pair must decide for themselves; but here we do attempt to throw some light on the whole issue.

Advantages of Joint account

Whether to have a joint account will depend on how much you trust each other and what your spending habits are.  By being open about your finances you are not only laying a strong foundation for a secure financial future but are also building a base for your relationship and encouraging open discussion about your money matters. You can manage all household expenses from the same kitty and either of you can operate the account and keep track of the expenses at any given time.

It is convenient and much more easy to maintain a single account then several multiple accounts. A joint account also helps in pursuing the same goals more realistically and with greater purpose.

Disadvantages of Joint account

You can never hide your purchases from your spouse; big or small all transactions reflect in your statement and this can lead to a dispute between couples. And if you ever decide to part ways then things can become sticky and ugly.

Advantages of Separate accounts

It is your right to privacy and you can keep your financial matters to yourself. For example, if you are intrigued by the automated trading robot like the Ethereum Code and want to invest in it, you can do it without worrying about your spouse finding out. Your money is completely yours to do what you want and nobody can question you on that.

Separate accounts also mean that both spouses are well versed with the basic banking norms and in the event of death they will know how to handle these matters.

Disadvantages of separate accounts

If you have poor financial habits than a separate account is going to be a disaster as there will be no control over how you spend your money.

Finally, whether to have a joint account or not will boil down to your relationship with your spouse and how much you trust each other.




Find A Saving Account That Works Best For You

Find A Saving Account That Works Best For You

Saving is not enough you should begin investing. There are plenty of choices in the automation of trading as well as in online trading that can be managed by yourself. But before all of this can be planned you would need a savings account that you can depend on. The good old savings account is still one of the most popular options as it gives the security and liquidity unlike no other investments however small the interests might be. When you pick a savings account given the huge variety how do you identify the one that would work best for you? One way people do it is to compare the interest rates. But that alone is not enough. There are different banks offering different types of savings accounts so here are a few things to look for in your savings account to be sure that you have settled for nothing but the best for your requirements –

Transaction charges

Besides the maintenance fee that might be charged annually by most of the banks for the savings account, there would be fees attached with each transaction. The fund transfers done through instant money transfer system or those done through NEFT and other methods might all come with different transaction charges. If you would be performing several fund transfers from your savings accounts look for the one that comes with the lowest transaction charges.

Minimum balance requirement

This is the minimum balance that should be retained in an account and if the funds fall below the set limit then there would be a penalty imposed. Choose one that comes with a low minimum balance limit.

Withdrawal limits and conditions

The maximum withdrawal limit is another factor to study. This withdrawal might be in the form of cash withdrawals and fund transfers. There might also be an extra fee imposed when the withdrawals exceed a given limit while some banks might altogether forbid withdrawals beyond a limit. Understand all these terms before you finalize a savings account.

Internet banking facilities

Look for a savings account that comes with easy internet banking facilities. This would make it easy to complete your transactions and also to track them without having to go to the bank each time.

Facility to automate payments

Automation of payments is allowed by some savings accounts. This helps prevent delayed payments. It is a very convenient feature that saves you a lot of time spent on handling the recurring monthly payments.

Ace Your Budgeting Skills By Adding These 5 Buckets In Your Budget

Ace Your Budgeting Skills By Adding These 5 Buckets In Your Budget

Budgeting is one of the most interesting ways to work with your money. Everyone makes money. But not everyone handles that money the same way. The way you handle your money and the way in which you utilize it determines the way in which you improve your cash flow. When you have investments to handle when you wish to save taxes, you should work towards reducing your expenses or rather prioritizing them. Investments could be of any form – trading with bots or trading in the market live or even in the long term managed funds. But they all need a good capital, to begin with. And this capital can be accumulated if you have a good budgeting strategy in place. Bucket budgeting is one method where you assign sub-accounts for each type of expense you regularly make in a month. Here are the most common buckets that can make it easy to streamline your personal finances –

  1. Emergency bucket

As the name indicates this one is for the emergencies. Make sure that you take out a little sum each month to grow your emergency funds.

  1. Insurance and investment bucket

The size of this bucket would depend on the regular installments that your investment plans call for and the short-term investment plans you have in your mind. Insurance premium payments might be yearly or one time depending on the chosen insurance plan.

  1. Fixed bucket

These are the fixed expenses that cannot be avoided or postponed like say the energy bills, phone bills, rent or mortgage installments etc. This is the one that should be filled in the first place as these expenses cannot be moved to another month.

  1. Temporary bucket

This holds the funds for the dynamic expenses that you might tackle in a given month. These are difficult to predict but you should keep a limit on the funds you assign in this one.

  1. Debt bucket

This bucket should also be filled along with the fixed expenses bucket as postponing your debt repayment might lead to penalties or could also impact your credit score. So this is another bucket that is on high priority.

The bucket budgeting method can be applied in many ways. The naming of the buckets and the types of buckets used also might differ. The above are a few examples to inspire you to kick-start your personal budgeting in a more systematic way.

Why Should You Start Budgeting Right Away?

Why Should You Start Budgeting Right Away?

There might be many people who fall in the same income slab. The kind of expenses being handled might also be the same for many. But still, some end up saving more than they earn while some end up struggling to make it till the end of the month. Where does this difference come from? There is the role of strong budgeting strategies in this case. Those who fine-tune their budgeting methods and reform them every now and then end up getting better at investing and saving in the long run. When we talk about investing it could be in any of the commonly used methods or even the less conventional methods like trading which is now made simpler with the help of several automated trading tools. Though there are risks involved in trading when you have the right strategies to manage the risks you can easily multiply your money in trading. Before all of this comes the need for budgeting. Only when you have a strong budgeting skill would you be able to save more capital for investments. Here are the benefits of budgeting –

1.      Avoids impulsive spending

Impulsive spending is one thing that leads to the biggest cash crunches that many individuals face. Budgeting helps you think about the long-term impacts of each expense and thus you would only spend on what is really essential.

2.      Avoids debts

When you avoid unnecessary expenses that have long-term impacts on your finances you would be able to save more. So when the need arises you would have funds to put from your pocket. You would also be able to fulfill your debts on time and avoid unnecessary loans in the process.

3.      Helps you know more about your expenses

When you are good at budgeting you would be able to better understand your expenses. This gives you absolute control over your money.

4.      Helps you prevent money problems before they come

When you have control over your money you would be able to think about the future expenses and thus prevent money problems before they can show up.

5.      Makes it easy to tackle emergencies

When you have understood your expenses you would be able to save and build a strong emergency fund. So there is no worry when an unexpected expense comes your way.

6.      Helps you secure those times when the income levels get low


With the money saved in many ways and with a strong understanding of your expenses, you can also plan your investments. This would then allow you to secure those periods where an inflation occurs or when your incomes go low. 

Basic Information About The Ethereum

Basic Information About The Ethereum

Ethereum is the second biggest financial asset in the cryptocurrency market.  It is a platform that helps the smart contract runs in a decentralized manner without any frauds, licensing, downtime or interference from any third party.  These apps use a highly powerful, custom created blockchain. It is a shared global foundation that serves the control of the property. While the programmers from the tech world understand the Ethereum’s efficiency, people with not much relation with programming can find it difficult to understand. In this article, we will learn more about this conceivably clever cryptocurrency.

What is Ethereum?

In simple terms, Ethereum is a platform that utilizes decentralized blockchain and is used to build the decentralized applications or the Dapps.  Ethereum is designed in a way that allows the developers to build smart contracts. In simple terms, Smart contracts are self-executing programs that perform tasks when the conditions are met. The smart contract can be as simple as paying some X person an amount Y when they complete the given task. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) executes these smart contracts that are operated by a network of nodes.

Ethereum networks cryptocurrency is known as ether. Ether executes two functions as:

1) Ether is used to pay people for smart contract terms, motivating users to use the Ethereum platform more.

2) Repay the full nodes that improve the network, enabling the network to run smoothly.

Ethereum was launched by Vitalik Buterin in 2015. Buterin wanted to bring the Bitcoins decentralization techniques to more than cryptocurrency. This was accomplished by developing a programming language into the Ethereum blockchain.

The potential use cases could be developed through decentralized apps on the Ethereum network. Few examples are as below:

  • Identity and Reputation Systems
  • Token Systems
  • Prediction Markets
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Centralized Autonomous Organizations
  • File Storage
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Data Feeds
  • Cloud Computing

These Dapps can employ the Ethereum’s blockchain rather than be creating their own.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine:

Earlier the blockchain applications, like the first leading cryptocurrency Bitcoins, allowed users to execute a predefined set of operations. Like Bitcoin was primarily created to be used as a cryptocurrency. But unlike these blockchain designs, the Ethereum enables users to build their own services, Ethereum Virtual Machine making this to bring to reality. The Ethereum Virtual Machine executes smart contracts as Ethereum’s runtime setting.


The Ethereum and Dapp communities are focusing on creating a stable future for Ethereum, as there is a huge lot of uncertain interest in Ethereum. The Ethereum blockchain application has open doors for hundreds of new projects. Trading for this cryptocurrency is also becoming easy with the advance trading robots as the Ethereum Code. Find out more about these robots before investing.






A new guardian: Multisig

After the emergence of cryptocurrency, the digital coins have got widespread popularity as a payment mode. But for a novice coin user getting scammed while money transferring is also very common. The transaction once done cannot be reverted back in case of digital currency and once it is confirmed it is permanently recorded in the blockchain, so there is plenty of scope for a person not to turn up again after receiving the money. To counteract this drawback multi-sig wallet emerged for the user security.

In Bitcoin, saving the coins in the wallet for futures transaction is common; normally the wallet has a private key and one public key to get operated to give these wallets more security multisig wallets are brought into the digital market.  The multisig wallet has three private keys instead of one private key to confirm the transaction completion. The three private keys are stored respectively with sender, recipient and an escrow agent, to make the transaction successful at least two keys has to be used. Now a question may arise why to trust an escrow agent in this volatile digital world. The answer is very simple; he is the registered entity of the Bitcoin community who has the power to resolve the dispute that may arise regarding any transaction.  The different individual who holds these private keys are known as cosigners.

Miutisig wallets are presently widely used by the bitcoin users, it can be created in many different ways. A bitcoin user can define how many signatures are required to complete a transaction. In a multisig wallet it is essential for cosigners to sign the spending transaction for example if there are four cosigners then at least two of them must sign the spending transaction to confirm the transaction. Electrum and Armoury are the two popular wallets used by the crypto traders. To hack the transaction the hacker needs to hack both these private keys if he wants to steal the money. If he wants to successfully steal the account the hacker needs to have at least three private keys out of four cosigners, which is practically impossible.

The multisig wallets give protection to the private keys which are vulnerable to hacking. The most interesting part of these keys are they can be stored in different platforms and if any of the platforms get hacked the user need not have to worry about the wallet, it will be still secured by the multisig wallet. Click find out more to read more about this.