WhatsOnline Trading About?

We know that trading or business generally means the exchange of goods, services or information between two parties. In simple terms, we can call them buyers and sellers. When we use the word Trading, it specifically talks about a specific commodity. It can be gold,shares,forex, or even spices and coffee.

Online Trading on the other hand mostly means the act of buying and selling financial products on an online trading platform. Earlier if people wanted to buy shares or stocks, they had to get in touch with a person who worked as a broker and do the trading through the broker. Now there are internet based brokers who provide a platform and anyone who is interested in trading can register and start trading. One has to still pay commission or brokerage, but online trading allows people to have more control over their actions.

The number of people doing online trading has seen steady growth over the years. No doubt, with the increase in the speed of the internet and easy accessibility, more and more people are ready to try online trading. Mobile phones, especially smartphones have also played a huge role in this. In fact, a lot of young people, who would otherwise be not interested are also trying to make some pocket money through online trading.

Through online trading, one can trade in equity, mutual funds, bonds etc in one go or even opt for systemic investment plans ( SIP), which is good for people who either don’t have a lot of capital or don’t want to take too much risk. Cryptocurrencies are the next big thing according to financial experts. A large number of people are already trading and some have made a huge amount of money by trading on cryptocurrency like bitcoin. What is still keeping people away from trading in cryptocurrency is mostly lack of awareness and the need to keep doing what one is familiar with. There are automated software and robots, who can help you to trade in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Trader is one such programme. Just check it out. It has already shown what it is capable of.Learn more here.

All in all, online trading is a very lucrative field and there are many advantages like,we can do this while holding onto a full-time job, a lady can do this while doing the housework, a retired person can do this and make some money in his old age. There is money to be made in online trading and if you are smart and patient, you will see it soon flowing in your direction.

Should you have a joint account with your spouse?

Should you have a joint account with your spouse?

It is a harsh reality of our existence that we cannot survive without money and this very money sometimes takes away our reason for living. Time has to be witness to strife within families over money matters where near and dear ones have separated for life. Each individual decides whether he or she wants to share her personal finances with her bloodline. But it is not that simple when it comes to marriage; the married couple is always confused if they must share their financial status with their better halves. There is no single rule in this matter, it is a personal choice and each pair must decide for themselves; but here we do attempt to throw some light on the whole issue.

Advantages of Joint account

Whether to have a joint account will depend on how much you trust each other and what your spending habits are.  By being open about your finances you are not only laying a strong foundation for a secure financial future but are also building a base for your relationship and encouraging open discussion about your money matters. You can manage all household expenses from the same kitty and either of you can operate the account and keep track of the expenses at any given time.

It is convenient and much more easy to maintain a single account then several multiple accounts. A joint account also helps in pursuing the same goals more realistically and with greater purpose.

Disadvantages of Joint account

You can never hide your purchases from your spouse; big or small all transactions reflect in your statement and this can lead to a dispute between couples. And if you ever decide to part ways then things can become sticky and ugly.

Advantages of Separate accounts

It is your right to privacy and you can keep your financial matters to yourself. For example, if you are intrigued by the automated trading robot like the Ethereum Code and want to invest in it, you can do it without worrying about your spouse finding out. Your money is completely yours to do what you want and nobody can question you on that.

Separate accounts also mean that both spouses are well versed with the basic banking norms and in the event of death they will know how to handle these matters.

Disadvantages of separate accounts

If you have poor financial habits than a separate account is going to be a disaster as there will be no control over how you spend your money.

Finally, whether to have a joint account or not will boil down to your relationship with your spouse and how much you trust each other.




Understanding TheFuture Purpose Of Blockchain Concept

The blockchain technology might seem most applicable to the service-driven industries, but it has an equally important role in the manufacturing field too that are never meant to be underestimated. There exist two main areas to be considered where this technology can have the biggest impact and include

  • Supply chain: The opaque nature of current global manufacturing and marketing supply chains suffer from significant inefficiencies. To deal with this in a more proper way, blockchain concept can be adopted which can improve the transparency through effective and detailed identification management. It can even manage the product quality through verifiable transactions and make quick payments through smart contracts.
  • Internet of Things: The distributive nature of bc concept can be used to empower IoT units such as industrial smart sensors by connecting networks quickly bypassing the traditional hub in more resilient manner.

While considering the role bc can offer to healthcare units, it can transfer the anonymized clinical data of different patients who feel it uncomfortable to openly share their medical history. This process ensures the view of only relevant information maintaining the individuals’ confidentiality. These Healthcare companies generate around five percent of all the data generated globally.

Bc technology can offer a lot to the public service area and here goes the full review. As the government agencies have a huge collection of paper works of trusted records like the registration of marriages, births, and documents of a new firm, property transfers or so. Even where these records are stored virtually, databases work independently.  Bc can assist in integrating all these databases while using cryptography to maintain the integrity and security of all these databases.

Analysing the case of utilities, bc has a lot to offer that could enhance its growth prospects. For example, the smart grids that employ a decentralized nature and helps in generating small power of electricity resources like solar panels or energy storing devices like an electric car. These kinds of smart but small grids allow household need consumption and even allow selling the surplus electricity back to the grid. Bc could take this to the next level in future by allowing the peer end users electricity exchanges including both the real-time selling to consumers in the local area and collecting back payments via smart contracts.

The role that the bc technology can play in the sharing economy area is indeed surprising. The sharing economy includes ride-sharing or home-sharing services. These aspects have gained importance in the recent years. The explicit property of blockchain’s identity management scheme fit well with this economy. It can help maintain the trust by making networks more secure.



Why do day traders use pivot points?

Trading is an interesting investment. Unlike other investment options, in trading, you get to choose your budget as well as the timeline. There are no strict maturity terms or tenures involved. So you can quit and withdraw your funds at any point. This liquidity is what makes trading an attractive option for those looking to make use of some spare cash at hand. With the rise in the number of trading systems like Qprofit System, more and more people are now confidently considering trading as an investment option. You would be able to find a detailed review of Qprofit System on that page.

There are various trading strategies followed by traders as well as technical indicators. The mix and match of these would result in a trading strategy that is unique to each trader. And this is what determines the actual profits and losses made.

Most day traders love using pivot points to make crucial decisions. These are points that are calculated taking into account, the highs and lows reached as well as the closing price of the previous session. Besides the basic pivot level, there are the resistance and support levels.

  1. Recent trends talk better than historical data:

Analysing, the historical charts help understand the direction to some extent. But the latest data would be more important. Given that pivot points are based on the most recent data these are known to give real-time information about the trends. For day traders pivot points based on 15 minute or 5 minutes or even 1 minute time frames work well.

  1. Dataset is great:

Larger timeframe charts might not capture each small price change. But when the time frame is shortened to understand the pivot points even the slightest fluctuations can be captured. This results in a more accurate data set to analyze.

  1. It really works:

Day traders have been using pivot points for making their decision for a long time now. And there are proven results accepted by traders around the world that pivot points really make the decision making the process simpler.

Unlike most other technical analyses using pivot points is quite simple. So even for those who are new to day trading, this method might be easier to learn. Finally, it all boils down to the accuracy with which you calculate the pivot points. When that is done right then day trading can be made much more convenient with these.




Trading bots as learning aids for budding traders

Trading bots have been the talk of the town. Being able to simply make a deposit and watch a bot act as the trader on your behalf might sound like a science fiction movie. But this is something that is happening around the world. Trading still continues to be a popular investment which comes with a great liquidity. And with other investments, you might have upper and lower limits on the amount to be invested. But in trading, you get to choose how much you want to deposit.

All these attractive perks that trading offers can be used if you know how to trade and if you know to watch the stock market. Anyone can watch the stock market but would you be able to identify specific trends that occur and pick out a list of good stocks from the pool of thousands? You would be able to do this not merely by the knowledge acquired in the books on the stock market but by actually trading in the live market. But how do you ensure that you reduce your risks? By never stopping your learning process. While all this might sound tedious, it gets a lot interesting when you actually take the leap and become a trader. Where does a trading bot come into the picture? For someone who doesn’t know anything about the stock market, it would be tough to pick multi-baggers, gainers, and losers. Understanding candlesticks, support and resistance levels and other technical indicators might all seem a little too complicated. The real understanding happens once you have a practical aid in helping you learn trading better. So trading bots would do exactly that for you. With the little knowledge that you have in trading make your predictions and take your decisions. Compare that with the decisions taken by the bots and then you would be able to find out where you went wrong.

The time you spend on actually comparing the trading bots in the market and then picking the right one would be a worthy investment. Because when you choose a bot with a reliable algorithm you would be able to sharpen your trading skills. Start with a small deposit (keep in mind that some trading systems have minimum deposit requirements). And then while also making some decent profits you would be able to learn to trade in a practical way. For more information about one such trading system that is popular among the beginners refer to this source.

The Rise Of The Automated Trading Robots In Today’s World

It is not right to say, “Gone are the days where people used to trade manually”. However, it is not equally right to say, “Automation is the new trading rule”. It is still a surprise and a deep mystery as to when automated trading started affecting so many of our lives. However, there are still people who are hesitant to give the automated trading a shot because of different reasons, namely:

  1. Fear of the unknown
  2. No experience in manual or automated trading
  3. No official person or expert guide to give training or provide knowledge
  4. Fear to take risks, especially in the hands of an automated program
  5. Unsure about the performance

If anyone or more of the above options have crossed your mind ever, then you should first be aware of the known true story behind the uprising of automated trading robots and how it is affecting people’s lives.

What should you know about the rise of automated trading robots?

  • Introduction of computers in the field of trading began as early as the 1970’s. However, it was not until 2014 that automated trading systems have been introduced to a wide scale of people across the globe.
  • It is a known fact that humans can never outperform robots. Ever since man has realized this, automated trading has been gaining momentum in the stock markets.
  • An additional contributor to speed up the widespread usability of automated trading systems is the concept of backtesting that developers have recently added to their job specification. Backtesting has strengthened automated trading algorithms and has given out excellent positive results.

Automated trading robots have created a positive impact in many lives, as these have:

  1. Encouraged even amateur traders to place trades on the automated platform
  2. Provided returns that are double or more the initial investment
  3. Allowed traders to trade with multiple assets, thus distributing the risk of trading evenly and minimizing losses

There are many automated trading platforms from where you can start your day trading, either as a beginner or as an expert trader. One of the suggested automated trading robots is the HBSwiss. However, most of you may encounter the common question – Is HBSwiss legit? Well, the answer to that question is a Yes! HBSwiss is 100% legit and 0% scam. Therefore, go ahead and start your trading using HBSwiss automatic trading robot.


In the year 2009 when Bitcoin first appeared in the market itself it became a big hit, it conquered all the limits of transactions. After 8 years there was the introduction of one more type of platform which dominated the world of digital currency that was ethereum. Ethereum was developed on the potentials offered by Bitcoin and the ethereum is completely revolutionizing the transactions that involve Finance. Ethereum is a type of platform which is an open source. Its aim is to give facilities for developing applications that are decentralized that is going to be available for the future generation. This concept was introduced in the year 2013 by a person who was performing research on the community that involved Bitcoin.

Since when Buterin first launched the idea of ethereum it has increased in scale as well as interest. Now it is assured to overtake the world of open source development. The potential provided by the Bitcoin that gave opportunities for ledgers that could be shared is the same thing that ethereum is planning to expand on. The maker Buterin says that it has a lot of similar features provided by Bitcoin like peer-to-peer networks and blockchains. These systems will help in generating a platform for computing that will be a shared one. This will provide a platform that will be a flexible as well as secure so that any apps can be run on it.

Many developers who have planned to develop systems that include the technology of blockchain since Bitcoin has come into existence but unfortunately, because of the limited features offered by Bitcoin, it failed to enter the world of technology and services provided in finance. See this

The intention of ethereum was to overcome these limitations and it was going to do so by developing programming language of its own and using this language to create protocols for blockchains. This function would allow writing of any type of application on top of it. The structure of ethereum would support all the applications that already existed and which are going to be developed in future as well as make itself available to the instant development in the world of innovation which will give a constant environment.

Even though Bitcoin was the reason that ethereum was born, in the past couple of years, it has overshadowed its forerunners with respect to promises involved for future. Another fact that separates ethereum from Bitcoin is that ethereum is receiving support from several communities as well as Tech community continuously.

Seeing is definitely believing folks!

So, I came to know about online trading in college when folks in my college started to trade and it caught my fancy. I wanted to be able to support myself because even though I was part-timing at a departmental store but I was not able to make ends meet. The rent itself was taking off a chunk of my earnings and I was at a loss as to how I was going to manage the rest of the month because, by the time I was in the third week itself, I was bankrupt.

Increasing rate of inflation:

The high price of living and mainly food that is bought from outside made sure that savings in the bank account were always at zilch! And if that was not enough, the student loan that I had acquired had to be paid up starting in six months. All this was undoubtedly putting a lot of pressure on me.

Why I chose online trading:

Even though a lot of my chums were into this kind of trading, I did not jump into it impulsively. I was a person belonging to a family of limited means and I knew that one impulsive decision on my part could send my family reeling into more debts. This I wanted to avoid at all costs. If I was not able to relieve them from misery at least I thought that I must not push them beyond recovery.

  1. Markets were awake 24/7/365:


This was one of the main reasons why I opted for trading. While maintaining my part-time job and attending university were my prerogatives, I made sure that I spent at least two hours every day on trading before I called it a day. Initially, I would feel very tired but slowly I started enjoying the trading time and it no longer felt like a chore!


  1. The initial investment was peanuts:


Unlike bank deposits and bonds, this one only required a minimum initial deposit of $250 and I was set. I found this so cheap!


  1. There was not one or two but a world of options:


The trading platforms were so many that it was difficult to choose which one was the right one for me and I must admit that because I had no prior knowledge of trading I did fall prey to fraudsters not one or two times but quite many times before I realized that the current platform that I am trading in is the one for me.


It is called the Crypto Code and it is not pretentious at all. It does not make false promises but rather walks the talk. You can learn more about them by visiting their website or continue reading here in the link. You could also email me in case you have any practical questions to be answered. I will be more than glad to help!

Profit Without Boundaries

Forex is a global market where people trade in different currencies. Various events around the world influence the rates of these currencies and their exchange rates. Here people can buy, sell and exchange currencies and the rates keeps fluctuating. With internet trading now people can trade from anywhere in the world using a good and genuine platform and make money.

What is QProfit System

QProfit System is a new Forex robotic trading system whose creator is an experienced trader himself. He developed this system with the help of his buddy who is an experienced software developer and engineer. They have combined their expertise to create a fantastic program for trading. They have also brought together two latest techniques of big data analytics and the cutting edge software technology. Many automated trading robots use new software programs and yet are not effective as QProfit system as it is the first one to combine the two technologies.

What does it do

The computer program is designed in such a way that it keeps searching for any changes in the trends of rates of various currencies and can predict the values, all these at a faster rate than other trading platforms and human brokers. All this has been made possible only because of the sophisticated system and huge amounts of data that it can handle. You can learn more about it and then you will understand the revolutionary techniques behind it.

People like this system

This investment platform is able to address most of the aspects that people look for in a trading system.

  1. It deals in FOREX, which is a lucrative market.
  2. It uses huge amounts of data in a short span of time and comes up with accurate signals.
  3. It is faster than most of the existing systems.
  4. It is completely free.
  5. The interface is very easy for everyone to use comfortably.
  6. It has been consistently giving good profit to people.
  7. It is being constantly upgraded and improved.
  8. The support system is efficient.
  9. Easy to deposit money and withdraw profits.
  10. Brokers are valid license holders and genuine

This Forex trading system can be used by the investor either in a manual mode or the system can be entrusted to make all the decisions and trading on the behalf of the clients in the autopilot mode.In both the modes, the signals given by the robot are of importance as the extremely sophisticated system ensures almost accurate signals and more than 95% success rate, which is amazingly impressive.

When we analyze all the above points, we can see that this trading platform is an amazing invention of a genius mind and you can trust it to make profits for you, as it has been doing for other people, whose testimonials you can see on the website.

Change Your Life With Crypto CFD Trader

Cryptocurrency mining in the recent past has become quite a sensation. To add to its benefits, there are numerous automated trading robots that make the process of trading much easier. However not all platforms can be trusted, but names like Crypto CFD Trader are easy to earn your trust.

Crypto CFD Trader is a trading software that applies a never heard before a combination of machine learning along with artificial intelligence. This gives the system the winning edge like none other. Let us learn more about Crypto CFD Trader

More about Crypto CFD Trader

This system was introduced by no ordinary person but in fact, a software developer who is also an online cryptocurrency trading expert, Lenny Hyde. He even optimized the system to function on complete autopilot mode.

All of this was possible because Lenny Hyde, with his software development skills created a near perfect operating system that is second to none. He worked out all the nuances with assistance from fellow trader friend and created this phenomenal system.

The system is full of some great advantages like it spares you the effort to visit a cryptocurrency exchange and go through the process of buying tokens and selling them. The software offers options to trade in cyber currencies but under the CFD investment derivative.

The system makes use of highly complicated calculations and codes, but Lenny Hyde has also taken special care to ensure that the interface remains uncomplicated. The system is designed to make some amazing asset forecasts, based on which the system further invests your funds. The success rate of the system is really high and even profits a stable and substantial income even on a daily basis.

Is Crypto CFD a scam?

For a system that is so good, it is tough for one to believe is authentic. But a detailed review revealed that there is nothing suspicious about the system. It is reliable, 100% legitimate and provides a safe and secure platform to invest your money in.

The developer has even taken care to make the website user-friendly so that even newcomers can use the system easily. The brokerage houses collaborating with this system are some of the tops in the trading world.

The system only requires you to fill up a form, transfer anything more than $250 and activate the autopilot mode.

Salient Features of Crypto CFD Trader

Functions completely on autopilot mode: So inexperienced people can also trade easily with it.

Internet-Based: The system is completely internet based, eliminating the need for any downloading.

User-friendly: The interface is simplified and user-friendly, so any person can use it easily.

Customer support: 24/7 customer support is provided for all kinds of trading related assistance.