Alumni Divestment Network Principles

 What we believe, how we organize, why we unite:

These principles build off those established by the DSN in order to further clarify the specific intentions and beliefs guiding the ADN organizing community as we build a network of long haul organizers.

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  1. Organizing for climate justice is a life-long commitment. Building a just transition to the non-extractive economy means creating a movement that is sustainable far beyond college graduation. We are committed to building a strong community of young organizers to support each other in bringing our whole selves to this work for the rest of our lives.

  2. Post-college organizers have a unique role to play in strengthening the existing fossil fuel divestment movement, building the movement for climate justice, and fighting for system change beyond divestment. We amplify student voices and support campus organizing, while also advancing off-campus action for climate justice.

  3. We value strong relationships as central to powerful movements and essential to supporting a lifelong commitment to organizing.  Building political community is at the foundation of our work, so that we can maximize our power together.

  4. We are dedicated to overcoming barriers inhibiting folks from organizing post college, including student debt, job insecurity, mental health, isolation, and structural racism and sexism, by developing pathways to financial, mental, and emotional stability in organizing

  5. Fighting for collective liberation and an end to white supremacy is integral in the creation of a powerful and sustainable movement for the long-haul. We aim to advance projects and campaigns in line with the principles of climate and environmental justice and guided by an intersectional racial justice politic.

  6. We are committed to deepening our political analyses, organizing skills, and understandings of the world.  We are committed to learning and growing together, as organizers and as whole people.

  7. We welcome everyone who is looking for political community beyond their campus experience. We use “alum” and “alumni” as broad and inclusive terms for folks no longer organizing on campus. While the ADN is a unique space for recent alums, we are committed to building an intergenerational movement.