DSN People of Color Caucus


The POC Caucus is open to students, alumni, and staff in the fossil fuel divestment movement who identity as people of color. We believe in the power of centering our identities and knowing our histories. We create spaces for people of color in our movement to network, share skills, and build alignment. The POC Caucus is:

  • A political home for divestment organizers of color. A space for relationship building, peer-mentorship, skill-sharing, and political education. We center the intersections of race and ecology in our relationships and commitment to climate justice.
  • A voice of the Divestment Student Network and broader divestment movement. 
  • A bridge between fossil fuel divestment networks, other student/youth movements, and grassroots climate justice groups.

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This semester we’re doing a collective study on #BlackLivesMatter & Ecology. As diverse folks of color – including Black, Asian American, Desi, Latina, first and second generation immigrants, mixed-race and mixed-heritage folks – we reflect together on a core principle of #BlackLivesMatter, ‘when Black people in this country get free, we all get free’ and the relationship between Black liberation and climate justice.

Read along and follow our #BlackLivesMatter & Ecology study through tumblr!
To get involved, email Sachie Hopkins-Hayakawa (sachiehh [at] gmail.com) or Zein Nakhoda (zein.nakhoda [at] gmail.com).