We’ve petitioned. We’ve met with our leaders. We’ve demonstrated our power through rallies and marches. This spring, we are taking the next step to ask our administrators, “Whose Side Are You On?”
Will they side with the fossil fuel industry that drives climate change and injustice, or with the students who envision a better world, and have the courage to build it? There is no middle ground.
Hundreds of students nationwide have pledged this spring to take nonviolent direct action–risking arrest if need be–to thrust their campaigns to victory.

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Some will occupy administrative buildings, some will stage blockades and sit-ins, some will drop banners, but all will disrupt the unconscionable status quo of inaction. Every administrator and observer will have a choice. Whose side are they on? The world, and history, will be watching.
SIGN THE PLEDGE to join with students around the country in escalated action this spring, and take a look at this Divestment Escalation Toolkit for action and messaging inspiration.