Alumni Divestment Network

Who We Are:

The fossil fuel industry is hoping our movement will lose power as our student organizers graduate. With the Alumni Divestment Network, we’re proving them wrong. The ADN is committed to uniting and supporting movement alums (graduates and college seniors in the divestment movement) to continue organizing post-graduation.  Rather than diminishing in power as student organizers graduate, our movement will grow exponentially stronger as student leaders become movement organizers for the long-haul.

What We Do:

1) Building Political Community:

  • Providing support and resources for alums organizing post-college
  • Furthering political education through a reading group
  • Mentoring college seniors in their transition into post-college organizing
  • Building deep relationships among divestment movement alums to continue expanding the power and breadth of the divestment network

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2) Leveraging Alumni Power for Student Divestment:

  • Assess the needs of student campaigns and determining strategic ways to leverage young alumni organizing capacity to support the student movement
  • Goal of building self-sufficient alumni organizing team to leverage power for the student movement

3) Organizing Beyond Divestment:

  • Over the next two years, the ADN is bridging the gap between campus divestment campaigns and off-campus climate justice organizing.  We envision establishing local hubs of action across the country, led by alums, students, and local frontline community organizations to fight the fossil fuel industry and build a just transition to an economy for people and the planet.

How To Get Involved:

We invite all movement alumni and college seniors who have been involved in student divestment to join the alumni divestment network.  Contact to get involved.  Current possibilities for engagement include the political education reading group and the student divestment support team. Look out for upcoming opportunities and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Check out our Organizing Pledge Project 

Through the Organizing Pledge Project, we are sharing stories about what brings us to this work, and why we are committed to organizing for the long-term. We encourage you to check out and participate in our project as we work toward a just and sustainable world.